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Nummer: HFVE-FV-1971-005
Fahrzeug registriert am: 20.07.2008, Änd. 10.1.2018
Formel Vau 1300 umgebaut auf Zweivergaser
Hersteller: Kaimann, Kurt Bergmann, Wien
Baujahr: 1971
Rahmen-Nr: FV 710035
Motorenbauer: VW Typ1
MotorNr: AB475415
Motorleistung ca.: 70 PS
Originalzustand: Nein
Änderungen: umgebaut zu 2-Vergaser (siehe Geschichte des Fzgs.)
Scheibenbremse vorne
Aktuelle Fahrzeugpapiere: Ja
Aussteller / Nr: DMSB / 127/17
Alte Fahrzeugpapiere: Ja
Aussteller / Nr: FIA HTP 23634 13.6.2006
Vorbesitzer: Kurt Kehrer
Aktueller Besitzer: Dr.Markus von Haken
Standort: Dossenheim / D

Die Geschichte des Fahrzeugs

First owner of the Austrian built car by Kurt Bergmann of Vienna was the racing driver Günther Heckhorn of Unterhausen , Germany. It was has driven in numerous races.

As an example  a picture is enclosed of  the 500 Km Eifelpokal of 1972 were the specific car is depicted. The second picture in colour shows Heckhorn´s  son Oliver in the car at the Hill Climb race of Neuffen,Germany. Third picture is Heckhorns racing driver licence of 1972. The car was sold in 1973 to Albrecht Kreiser of Reutlingen,  Germany. He drove the car in the contemporary ONS series of Formula Vee. The car was modified (accordingly to Adnex J of the ONS Sportgesetz) from a one carburetor to  a two carburetor car in the year of 1976. The modification was common in the time. It was carried  out by the well known Mr . Peter Voss of Stuttgart Münchingen. Mr . Voss also a Formula Vee driver and mechanic of the time.  The car retired then  in a garage of Mr. Kreiser. In 1995 it was sold to Kurt Kehrer , Tübingen, Germany who has restored the car and brought it back to the race track. Racing  in the new DMSB series of  the Historic Formula Vau.

The car received the Wagenpass HTP Passport Fia Vehicle Number 23634 dated 13.6.2006.

The current applicant has bought the car in August 2016 and modified the overhead protection to current FIA standards. Otherwise the car is unchanged to its condition in 1976.

A brief description of the famous workshop of Kurt Bergmann in Vienna is also enclosed below Picture 4-6.

Front axle construction , and the stiff frame with the “torsion tower“ sideframe details , and a view in the cockpit of the car are nicely shown

Weitere Fahrzeugbilder

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